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At UNNA we cherish our Swedish heritage by making traditional, elegant, cookies with lots of artisianal love. 
Our cookies are made in small batches, handmade using only the finest ingredients to ensure the flavor and texture of these delicious treats. No artificial ingredients or preservatives are added...ever! Made in New York.


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My grandmother Rut was the sweetest woman you could possibly imagine, and she made the best cookies! Growing up I was fortunate enough to enjoy her company (and treats) almost every day. Now, made with the best ingredients like organic butter, locally milled flour and handmade jams, I want to share these traditional, yummy cookies with you. I encourage you to enjoy the old, Swedish tradition of taking a "fika" or a little break. Have a coffee or a tea and a cookie at least once a day. Or just eat them all at once, like Grandma did – after all, in Swedish "unna" means indulge! Enjoy!


cookie history

In Sweden a “kafferep” is a women’s only social gathering known since the mid 1800’s. Women enjoyed cookies, drank coffee and spent quality time together. The cookies were homemade and it was important with a nice mix of cookies at a beautifully set table. Preferably with a crocheted tablecloth, flowers and nice porcelain. However, the cookies were the centerpiece. 

At the time, this was one of few activities where women could meet without
men and children present. Here women found something to be proud of and something to call their own. Some say this was part of the start of the Swedish women’s rights movement in the early 1900’s. The kafferep was the beginning
of the “fika”- and café culture that thrives in Swedish homes and cafés today. Historically, the cookies were enjoyed with coffee but they are excellent for
your afternoon tea, to pair with wine or champagne and of course with a
glass of milk.